“Luck has a peculiar habit of favoring people” – Chitrashi Rawat

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Chitrashi Rawat first created waves when she played a hockey player in Chak De India and then in Fashion where she played a fashion coordinator. Both roles have fetched her accolades and some great role opportunities. She will next be seen in Soham Shah’s Luck where she will be seen alongside some of the veterans, Mithun Chakraborty and Danny Denzongpa, some of the newer entrants, Imran Khan and Shruti Haasan and even some of the smaller popular actors, Ravi Kissen. Always happy and ready to talk, BollySpice speaks to Rawat about landing her role in Luck, her experience with director Soham Shah and her future endeavors.

How did you land the role in Luck?

Well, all thanks to my director Soham Shah. He called me personally for this character and I think that was so nice of him because no other director usually does that— mostly the assistant makes the call. And obviously he knew I was the perfect for the character afterall the director is the one person who knows everything.

Who is your character?

My characters name is ‘Shortcut’. She is a dreamer and is one character in the movie that’s got everything, humor to emotion. This character will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Was she someone difficult to play?

Not really. I’m still looking for a role for myself, which I personally feel, is very difficult to play.

From her point of view what is the story of the film?

Well, it’s all about luck and human betting. And through her point of view, uses luck as a good way of earning quick money. For the rest you need to see the movie; there is so much.

How was it working with Soham Shah?

Oh, it was a real delight working with him. He is just awesome and his sense of humor is as good as Shah Rukh Khans. He is more like a friend now. I just loved working with him. Throughout it was fun with him.

Did you get to do any cool action scenes?

Almost all except the climax one as I’m not there in the climax. But water sequence which I did almost took my breath.

Did you like playing this character?

I liked it a lot! I loved it in fact. It was so much fun playing Shortcut. I loved everything about my character my look, my funny dialogues and the variation.

How was it working with the cast?

Oh it was super fun. I enjoyed every bit of it. All my co- actors were so good to me. They loved me and I love them back. We went out partying, sometimes we ate together too. There was one place in South Africa called ‘Orbi Gorge’ where we were shooting. It was a quiet and isolated place. There we used to have a campfire kind of thing together almost every night. Danny [Denzongpa] Sir and Mithun [Chakraborty] Da used to sing their regional songs. It was very entertaining. Oh! I also remember one day Mithun Da cooked really yummy Dal (lentils) for us.

Can you tell us any memorable moments from the set?

I can’t really remember right now there were plenty of them. And extremely funny. One incidence, which happened with Imran which was risky, but yet quite funny. There was a scene where he was suppose to go underwater and swim with real sharks but as soon as he gets in, he gets slapped on his face by shark fin.

What is your favorite scene in the film?

Well, I might sound too modest but my favorite is actually one of my scenes, which is a hospital scene. There is a beautiful background song playing and some really cute montage shots.

What do you think audiences will like about Luck?

It’s a totally entertaining film packed with full on action. I’m sure people going to love the action in the film and they will see the different generations of actors working together. Otherwise it difficult to tell what people might like because you really don’t know how audiences will react.

You now have several films under your belt; do you feel confident in your acting ability?

Well now yes, very much. I’m getting older with my movies and becoming more confident. Give me any character I’ll play it my best.

You said in our earlier interview that acting, “It happened by chance. I’ll give credit to my luck.” Are you happy with this direction that life has taken you?

I’m more than happy actually. What else I could have asked for. My life is rocking at this point of time.

What is luck?

Luck is something when your preparation meets your opportunity; what happens when you give your 100% but when you only depend on luck, it never favors you because luck also has a peculiar habit of favoring people.

What is something about acting that you like? Something you dislike?

I like everything about acting. You can be anything anyone you want to be in a movie. It’s so magical.

How has your experience been working in Bollywood?

It has been splendid! I’ve been really fortunate to be working with such great people and such good actors.

Have you signed any more projects?

Well I’m already doing one movie a comedy flick called Don’t Worry Be Happy. And soon I’ll be seen in a reality show.

We are sure that once again Chitrashi will make everyone sit up and take notice of her in Luck! Looks like she is well on her way to having a great career in Bollywood! We wish Chitrashi all the best for her upcoming ventures and thank her for taking the time to tell us all about Luck!

Be sure to catch Luck when it opens in theaters on July 24th!

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