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What does “Luck” mean? Katrina Kaif once stated in an interview, “Luck is a meaningless word.” Farhan Akhtar has claimed, “Its not possible to lucky if you aren’t hardworking.” And Imran Khan doesn’t even believe in luck! However, he along with the likes of Sanjay Dutt, Danny Denzongpa , Mithun Chakraborty, Ravi Kishan, Chitrashi Rawat and newcomer Shruti Haasan all star in Sohan Shah’s feature venture, Luck. The director of Kaal has come out with a film, which promises to shock audiences in death-defying and yet stylish stunts along with some great performances by the immensely talented star cast. With promising previews and expectations running high, the film surely looked like it had all the luck it needs to rake in audiences and much moolah too. Read on to see if luck was on the side of the film or if luck decided to pull a fast one on Soham Shah’s offering…

Ram Mehta (Imran Khan) is put in a tight spot when his father commits suicide and he is left with the burden of paying back the loans to the bank taken out by his father. He then meets Tamaang (Danny Denzongpa) who introduces him to the fanatical world of luck testing mixed in with some human betting run by the ultra lucky Karim Moussa (Sanjay Dutt). After much debate with his conscious, he is finally sucked into a game where all he will need is his luck and guts if he is to live. He is joined in the game by Major Singh (Mithun Chakraborty), Raghav (Ravi Kishan), Shortcut (Chitrashi Rawat) and Ayesha (Shruti Hassan), all of who have been hand-selected by Tamaang because of their immense luck. The group must compete amongst each other and their respective luck in order to survive and fill their banks with a great deal of money. Who survives and who dies?

Luck is every Bollywood action fans dream come true. Soham Shah along with Rensil D’Silva have written an interesting script which not only tells a straight forward story but has an underlying moral too. The stunts are incredible and mind-blowing— especially the opening sequence with the trains; it has you on the end of your seat. Okay so the script has a few flaws and really has no real plot but that doesn’t stop it from ensuring viewers from experiencing the ultimate joyride. Kudos to Allan Amin and not only for his astounding execution of the innovative stunts and situations but also for making them look so real. The ones to really watch out for is the underwater-key cage sequence along with watching the star cast jumping out of a helicopter while they take a chance on possible faulty parachutes—believe me it looks scarier than it sounds!

Imran Khan is improving with every film and has finally abandoned the pouty look for a more rugged one. He is a revelation in Luck and pulls off some nutty stunts very convincingly. Danny Denzongpa and Mithun Chakraborty are both veteran rock stars! They really are such amazing actors and really shine in Luck. Such greats really add more style to a flick like Luck. Ravi Kishan does a good job as psychotic-sleazebag while Chitrashi Rawat is her awesome self too— she is one to watch out. I totally dig her confidence level despite being shortchanged in the height department. As for Shruti Hassan, the girl is on her way to becoming a big star. She really shines in Luck. and is one fit girl. What do we say about Sanjay Dutt? The actor is the epitome of bad and luck is right up his alley. He pulls off the role of the Moussa with great nuance and grace– if that is even possible for a grey character.

The music of the film works well for the film. ‘Aazma’ and ‘Jee Le’ of course take the cake mostly because they were so well publicized.

After a long, long, long time, Bollywood has finally come out with a great full-on action flick which really makes you sit up and gawk. As Desi’s we all secretly believe we can kick-ass and such films only help confirm that belief. Personally, I’m such a sucker for a good old-fashioned action film that Luck. was a real treat to me – yes I too believe I can fight danger in the dark allies (yeah, right). So why should you watch Luck.? You should watch it simply because it takes you into another world for two and a half hours where you believe that is possible to fight baddies on a moving train and save your lady-love. Luck. is as Bollywood as they get…and that is just how we love it!

Our Rating

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