Luv Ka The End Music Release!

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The music of Luv ka the End was released at a dhamakedar event at YRF Studios. Head of Y-Films Ashish Patil, Director Bumpy and the entire cast of the film headed by the leads Shraddha Kapoor and Taaha Shah along with music director Ram Sampath and lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya were present at the music launch. Not only did Aditi Singh Sharma give a live song performance on the title track “Luv Ka The End” but they also showed the newest “hottest” item song Mutton to the crowd!

Have a look at what went into creating the unique sounds of Luv Ka the End!

Y-Films wanted the sound of its first movie Luv ka The End, releasing on May 6, 2011 to be extremely fresh and clutter breaking. Something that you can rock to – be it in your car, in a club, on the move or at home! Be it as a CD or a ring tone. To move away from formula and surprise you.

Even the choice of voices needed to be new. Singers that have not done too much film, with tones, accents that are today and natural. This is the philosophy that also spilt over into the brief for lyrics. The words needed to mirror the minds of youth today. So no “ittefaaqon se mohabattein hui”, but thoughts / ideas that an 18 year old will identify with.

So, in came Ram Sampath – genius composer, incredible musician / singer himself. Ram has an incredible body of advertising work – some of the most memorable jingles [Docomo, Pepsi, Close-up, etc.], some insane scores for games have all been his. He chooses to pick his projects. And we’re so glad to have plugged him in. As he brought in just the right dose of insanity to the score.

Joining the party was, Amitabh Bhattacharya as lyricist. Previously known for having done some super work including the twisted ‘Emosanal Atyachaar’ for DevD, Udaan, Aisha, No One Killed Jessica and of course, Band Baaja Baaraat. He completely nailed the vibe of today’s teens bringing in such an incredible flavour – with words like ‘Facebook update aaj ho / Parlour mein massage ho’ to the outrageous ‘Mutton song’.

We also have the scoop about each of the tracks on the OST! Check it out only on!

FREAK OUT – Singers: Joi Barua and Aditi Singh Sharma

The opening credits of a film are like a window – they give you a sneak of what to expect inside. Like every James Bond film opens with a climax, you know you’re going to get guns, chases, babes, explosions and more. The first song that features the opening credits needed to set up the mood, the tone and the vibe of the film. Introducing you to the world of Y-Films, to Luv ka The End and our zany characters. It sets up the fact that there’s something very new and different coming your way.

It kicks in just when the exams get over, so it had to be an anthem for freedom, freedom of expression and a chance to do exactly what you want to, to freak out! Tapping into all the reference points of today – Facebook / Playstation / Shopping / Massage / Making out and more…

The video itself needed to startle you. So we went for the absolute cutting edge stop motion technique. Shot laboriously using photographs, each individual frame of the song is a photograph pasted back to back to make it seem like motion. And each individual t-shirt that the characters wear changes to suggest animation. It’s a video that has to be seen to be believed – check it out for sure and of course, don’t forget to see how it’s done in our making of.

TONIGHT – Singer: Suman Sridhar

This song comes at a critical point in the film as it has to set up the importance, the excitement of tonight – with Rhea taking the big step, turning 18 and more. And establish how deeply, madly in love she is with Luv. So eventually when her heart does break, it’s gut-wrenching.

Ram cracked a lovely, wonderful melody that we all just fell in love with. The bells, the clicks in the arrangement added an awesome dreamy vibe to it. The words built up the excitement with the anxiety about the big night ahead. Now we wanted a voice that was a complete clutter-breaker to do justice to it. Especially as this was probably going to be our first song /video to break – being Shraddha’s first look. So that it gives a new vibe entirely to a ‘classic dream song’.

We stumbled upon Suman Sridhar at a live gig with her Indie band Sridhar / Thayil. And knew her from her work for Coca-Cola [the Imran Khan bus commercial where she sings ‘Tum jo mil gaye ho’]. Someone who describes herself as a lean, mean blow up doll – the princess of twisted pop, we decided to give her a crack. And she just blew us away with what she did for Tonight. Her jazz scatting at the top, her jamming is what makes Tonight entirely new.

We debated whether her voice would suit Shraddha, but given the freshness she brought to the table, it was a gamble worth taking. And man, has it paid off!

LUV KA THE END – Singer: Aditi Singh Sharma

The anthem of the film… the title song. The girl power song. The don’t mess with me, I’ll kick your butt song. This was going to be the driver for all our communication and something that needed to find a balance between not becoming too much of an angry metal rocker chick song to a girl who means business who’s had her heart broken. This was something that would make its way back into the soundtrack of the film and would evolve as the moods changed.

Again the words stay simple – with a ‘toda hai mera dil, bharega uska bill’. However, it manages to communicate her heartbreak, her angst, her emotion and serves to amp it up to bring in ‘LUV KA THE END’ with impact. Picturized as the girls put their plans into motion – the song is an earworm that will stay with you for days once you’ve heard it.

THE MUTTON SONG – Singer: Krishna Beura

Move over Munni, Side mein ho ja Sheila… the item song of the century is here! Easily the craziest song on the album, it’s a mad funky qawwali sung by Krishna – who’s done an Altaf Raja voice moving to a hip hop groove to a Chinese martial artiste in heat. The music itself brings in a sleazy bulbultarang rastaa hook and marries it with an Ibiza club’s funk. We had so much fun doing this song. The highlight of the song of course, are the lyrics though. Read them to believe them – and sing along.

And there’s only word to describe Taaha as he’s performed in this song – fearless! Our choreographer Adil Shaikh has also taken it to the next level by adding some much more to it. For instance the additional dancers, the band have been handpicked from some of the best known back up dancers of classic Bollywood songs. Be it Bulbulji [who features in ‘Laila O Laila’, with an afro singing ‘kullu kullu’] or Deepakji [from ‘Honthon mein aisi baat main dabaake chali aayi’] or more.

F.U.N.FUN FUNAA – Singer: Ali Zafar

The climax of the film – when it’s all come together – the most anticipated performance by the rockstar Freddie Kapoor… kicks in here! We managed to pull a cameo from Pak pop sensation Ali Zafar… who’s also sung the song.

We wanted to go beyond the usual party / bhangra pop / other feel for a party. The song is constructed entirely as a sing along. And leaves you with the thought that its 90% of the boys who give the 10% a bad name. So Rhea, give up on Luv [Nanda] and not Love in general. It brings together all the characters of the film in their elements. Be it the geek Karthikeyan’s b-boing moves or the psycho dadi’s stage dive… the song truly is a blast!

And it’s not just the songs on the Luv ka The End music album, but also the kicker of a background score [don’t miss the ‘Heppy Budday Beybee #6’] that we have on the film that is awesome.

The Luv ka The End CD is worth owning – so don’t be a shmuck and download it for free, go buy it!

Check out these exclusive pictures from the event!

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