Luv Ka the End Theatrical Trailer! EXCLUSIVE!

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We have been giving you glimpses into the new vibe that Y-Films is bringin to the Hindi film industry. With their cool slogans, unique promotions and stories that are guaranteed to make you take notice, we can see they are not your average production house.

Now we have a first look into their maiden film Luv Ka the End. The story starts as your average rom-com but then takes a definite anti rom-com turn. Rhea is the quintessential girl next door in love with Luv Nanda, the richest most popular boy in college. But Luv is not as nice as Rhea thought he was. Instead of crying …well, Rhea gets mad and along with her friends decides to get even! You can see why and how and if it ends up a happy or not so happily ever after when Luv Ka the End hits theaters on May 6th!

Check out this exclusive first look at the theatrical trailer for the film! Be prepared this is not your typical filmi run through the mustard field romance! This is the new brand done Y-Films style!

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