Maddy’s Fun @ Forty!

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He’s come a long way from his big screen debut in Mani Ratnam’s Tamil blockbuster Alaipayuthey, which was remade with Vivek Oberoi in the same role as Saathiya back in 2000 by Shaad Ali. But R. Madhavan, Maddy for short, has proved his mettle time and again, and with Guru, the well-deserved recognition he had been aiming for started to finally come in.

Although Madhavan hasn’t been seen in Hindi as much as he has in the South, the actor has been commended for his acting in Rang De Basanti, Mumbai Meri Jaan, 13B and 3 Idiots. Beyond the big screen, he features in mobile games launched by Paradox Studios Limited, is an active member of PETA and other social causes, and has dabbled his hand at hosting game shows too. Phew! With an active schedule like this, the actor has felt he was missing on crucial time with his family, particularly his son, Vedaant and has decided is high time for a break of 8 months off. “My Sabbatical—-To bed at 9.45 pm-Up at 7.. Phones off at 8 pm.–workouts-Walks .. Talks-Games with Vedaant-A life I never knew.. :D”, he says as he shares his thoughts with his followers on twitter.

Beyond the need to de-stress, Maddy is also using this time to recover from the knee injury he suffered from last year. “[It’s] something that I have been avoiding for a while. I have to visit the hospital everyday for two months for the treatment,” he says to Hindustan Times.

The actor, who is active on twitter, has not been able to get his account verified so he has posted a video, confirming ownership. You can see it here.

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