Madhuri One Up

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And yet again Madhuri Dixit scores over Aishwariya Rai Bachchan. After the popular Cricket Premiere League, India will now come out with its very own Dance Premiere League in much similar fashion and pomp. Of course, both the dance divas were in the running to take part and be judges in the league. However, the Dancing Queen to Bollywood, Madhuri scored big over Ash and was given a seat amongst many other Bollywood stars to judge the reality show.

According to sources, “Madhuri and Aishwarya were both being considered to be the judge for one of the teams. Aishwarya lost out to Madhuri as she quoted an exorbitant amount of money. The makers of the show couldn’t afford her and the scales tipped in Madhuri’s favour as she had demanded an affordable price.” However, her secretary Rakesh Nath claimed that discussions were “still on.”
The Channel’s VP went on to say “Yes, Madhuri has been chosen to represent one of the teams… I don’t want to talk about the money involved but Madhuri is definitely on board for Dance Premier League.” But a source said, “Madhuri was far more affordable is the reason why Aishwarya lost out on the show.”

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