Mahek Chahal Walks Out

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Norwegian born-and bred, Mahek Chahal has walked out of the movie Kal Kisne Dekha, accusing the director and the crew of eve-teasing, or sexual harassment, and claiming that some of the costumes she was expected to wear were simply exploitative. Vivek Sharma, the director, dismissed her allegations.

Actress and model, Mahek first caught our attention in the movie Nayi Padosan in which she played the dreamgirl of the four heroes in the movie. She has also appeared in Chameli, Anjaan and Dil Apne Punjabi and was, for a while, championed by Salman Khan when she was finding it difficult to get roles. She had accompanied him on a singing engagement in Nairobi and the two hit it off together according to a source: “Salman and Mahek were with each other throughout the day and used to lunch and dine together. They were always in each other’s company and even went out together for sightseeing. “

Originally called Preetie Chahal in Norway, she changed her name to Mahek upon entering Bollywood in order to avoid confusion with other actresses with a similar name. She insists that she and Salman are just friends and he only helps her on a professional level because that’s the kind of warm-hearted guy he is. Doesn’t she like him a little bit more than that? “Well he is such a nice guy, who wouldn’t have a soft corner for him?” she asks, “Even you would like him when you get to know him as a friend. He goes really out of his way to help his friends, he is so down-to-earth.”

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