Mahesh Bhatt and why sex sells

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Outspoken writer/producer and director Mahesh Bhatt has always been brave and bold. With an enviable record of successful films and a clear formula for delivering hits, Bhatt has often been accused of promoting sex in his movies. However his rescent defence is clear and precise: “(Sex) is what sells,” the director declares, “Why blame me when it is what people want to see (and) they buy tickets to watch my films.”

Earlier Bhatt accused the industry and audiences over hypocrisy when it came to his films (Jism, Murder), in comparison to Yash Raj films (Neal ‘n’ Nikki, Salaam Namaste), which were equal in their sex related content. Bhatt has however equally been celebrated for his presentation of serious films and topics, with classics such as Arth (1982), Saaransh (1984), Naam (1986) and Zakhm (1998), however with the recent release and dismal box office performance of Akshaye Khanna’s corruption-themed Gali Gali Chor Hai, Bhatt feels that films with adult themes are what audiences really want to watch.

With judgemental comments already doing the rounds as Bhatt prepares for Jism 2, which stars former adult-movie star Sunny Leone in a principal role, Bhatt believes that “Indians are pretentious as they watch much more on the Internet than what is shown in my films.” So readers, what do you think? Does Bhatt have the last word on this?

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