Mahesh Bhatt making film on Bob Woolmer death

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Mahesh Bhatt one of Bollywood’s best directors is planning a film on the death of Bob Woolmer. Woolmer, a former England all-rounder was a coach for the Pakistan Cricket team and he died at this year’s World Cup. His death is still shrouded in mystery.

Bhatt expects to start shooting Jannat (Paradise) in August and he told a news agency that, “I’m definitely making the film on the entire Woolmer episode though we will not name him anywhere in the story. We are using a fictional situation, but the people will see the obvious connection.”

Adding that, “The film is not just about the coach’s death. It is a love story against the backdrop of cricket. There is betting, there is match fixing. And because it is a love story there have to be songs too.”

Bhatt is known for tackling dramatic situations in his movies. It will be very interesting to see how the script weaves a love story and songs into the tale of Woolmer’s tragic death.

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