Mahesh Bhatt: Newcomers are the future of our industry

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If there is one man in the industry who has never shied away from introducing new faces to the world, it has to be Mahesh Bhatt. Right from Anupam Kher in Saaransh to Rahul Roy in Aashiqui and most recently Sunny Leone in Jism 2, it certainly shows that he feels newcomers are the future and thus investing in newcomers is not a risk.

“The way I perceive it, investing in newcomers is not a risk. They are the future of our industry and if we can sell a unique idea along with their talent, there is no question of the movie not performing well. Filmmaking is all about ideas. It is the idea that sells. And if you have a unique story idea, it will get positive responses, irrespective of the star cast of the film.”

And introducing newcomers isn’t limited to just actors. He also paved the way for many new directors such as Mohit Suri. “Every filmmaker has his unique style of directing and as easy as it is for audiences to get accustomed to his style, it is equally easy for them to get weary of it. The industry is evolving and we need fresh and young talent who relate to today’s fast moving times,” he said.

He adds that the youth of today “has the thirst to sell movies with fresh ideas, technical know-how and they bring their fresh perspectives and ideas in their style of filmmaking. So, we should give newcomers more opportunities to present their ideas.”

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