Mahima and Chitrangada are Cousins

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Chitrangada Singh recently confirmed that she and Mahima Choudhary were second cousins – but they have never met! “Their maternal grandfathers were brothers,” explained a source, “Their mothers grew up together and even shared a lot in common. Strangely, Mahima and Chitrangada are not very close to each other.”

Chitrangada, who recently completed a cover shoot for hair magazine Estatica, confirmed the situation. “I have never spoken to Mahima in my life,” she said, “I haven’t even seen her. We never got to spend any summer vacations together.” Chitrangada is currently looking for a residence in Mumbai and has three movies lined up – 2 Days, 2 Nights and A Morning; Homecoming and Dhruv.

Mahima, meanwhile, has taken a time out for marriage and motherhood but is currently reviewing a number of scripts before re-entering the profession. She is determined, however, that whatever project she undertakes, she will not be separated from her new daughter. “I don’t want to miss my family, especially my daughter Aryana,” she explains, “She is very cute and every day, she is learning something new. I want to enjoy her learning new words everyday.”

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