Main Aurr Mrs Khanna in Pictures

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In our interview with director Prem Soni he said that the story of Main Aurr Mrs Khanna is all about modern marriage, “It’s a very simple film – its romance of course; but intermingled with marriage obviously being a strong point in the film. It’s about love versus career; about a man and a woman. The man prefers to head towards career to make his life, would a woman give that space if she had to? Would she allow him to make his career and then come back to his love? Or would she say no, you give me what I need and let’s walk together and make a choice. It’s about relationships in today’s world; marriage in today’s world. It’s really difficult to have a happy marriage – but Main Aur Mrs Khanna talks about the positive sides of marriage and not the negative. It talks about togetherness and how to support each other in their own way. Obviously a man needs to be successful to live his life happily with a woman.”

Starring in this tale of modern relationships is Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Sohail Khan. To hold you over while you wait for the film to open in theaters this Friday we have some exclusive stills for you to see so keep clicking!

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