Make the most of your Spring Break

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Spring break has either arrived or is nearly approaching for most of us. This time of the year comes along with those thoughts of what to do, where to go, and how to spend that one week away from all the stress of school. Whether you’re still in high school or a college student, this is one of those breaks that only come once a year and no matter what you do, you know you definitely want to remember it. There are many options out there for spring breakers; however some may vary by age group.

A great way to start of your spring break is by making a trip down to the mall, outlets, or whatever stores of your choice you have nearby. By this time of the year, if the weather hasn’t already started changing, it soon will change. It also means it’s time for a new wardrobe, something more fit for warmer temperatures. The tank tops, the shorts, the sandals, and the hats are all essential for the spring weather. This might also be a good chance for you to either get a great look at the new lines of swimsuits or shorts, and you can either purchase them on the spot or at least make the decision of where and when you will buy them. The best part is this activity is open for all ages, so there isn’t a major issue involved.

Depending on where you live, if the temperatures have started to warm up, this might be a great chance to spend a day at the beach. There are many different options to choose from worldwide, but if you’re on a budget, something local is definitely the best choice. Not only can the ladies get a head start on that tan they’ve always wanted to get, but everyone can have a chance to make some new friends and maybe even find that new special someone. The beach is definitely the perfect spot for that.

If you are at least 18 in the US, or whatever the legal adult age is in your country, you can check out the nightclubs and/or the bars in town. Again, this is a great way to make new friends, and it’s also a fun way to celebrate with the friends you already have. A night out is also a great way to lay back from the stress of school and focus on making that night last forever! Alot of those clubs hold different sorts of contests and games during spring break, so it’s a good chance to load up on some extra cash, and it doesn’t always require taking part in those more “naughty” contests.

If you don’t have a chance to do any of the above, you can always look into spending a day at a local park, or maybe a community swimming pool. Alot of students also choose to spend more time with their families during that week of freedom, especially if they are college students and don’t get a chance to be with their families or old friends often. Whatever the best choice for you might be, the key is to have fun! It’s only seven days of enjoying your life to the fullest so you want to make sure you do as much as you can. Just remember to take lots of pictures to keep as memories, and most important of all, stay safe!

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