Make-up Tips

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Make up is important. And fun. You can be as adventurous as you want but remember that the make up style should work with your features and not against it. It should accentuate and not hide. So here are some tips:

1. Eyebrows: Eyebrows frame your face so it’s very important to have well-groomed eyebrows. The points of your eyebrows should meet your cupid’s bow and the arch and comma of your eyebrow at the widest point of your lips. Follow your natural arch. Don’t make your eyebrows too thin – that just looks tacky. Hoe alert!

2. Eyeliner: You have to be careful with this. Liquid eyeliner is great for dramatic effects and girls (or guys – if you are in to that sort of thing) with medium to big eyes. Don’t do it if you have small eyes. Girls if you have small eyes, aim for the smokey look with a light eye-shadow. Trick: use a neutral base and a really light shadow that goes with your tone. Then get a pencil liner and drag across the base of the top of your lid. Use a q-tip or a clean shadow brush to smudge the liner in but not too much.

3. Mascara: Really awkward. Get the right mascara for yourself. If you have short lashes, you need lengthening mascara. If you few lashes, get a volume mascara and if you have neither of these problems then a defining mascara.

4. Lipsticks: Lipsticks are always going to be heavy. No way around that. Don’t use lipsticks. Got for lip stains and very light glosses unless you are lips are thin. Also in this case less is definitely more. Lip liners and over-glossy effects only work on films and lenses.

5. Avoid foundations and blushers – you don’t have blushing cheeks then most likely you were meant to have them. Foundations have to be mastered. The closest thing to it would be a tinted moisturiser. Foundations don’t help skin either.

6. Be sure to wear the right colours for yourself. People come in 4 seasons with a variety of undertones. You can be either summer, autumn, winter and spring but also remember undertones also affect the types of colours you can use. You can be a red, pink, green and yellow undertone. Most Asians are green undertones. The colours for these are long and adapting so look online or talk to a make-up artist you know.

And that’s all folks!

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