Making of Lungi Dance – The Thalaiva Tribute – Chennai Express

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Check out what went on during the making of the Rajnikanth tribute song that featured music by Honey Singh and starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone! Watch out for glimpses of director Rohit Shetty, SRK trying to walk more like a hero, Deepika’s moves and some cool Thalaiva shots!

About the song, SRK told us, “One just felt that you make a film called Chennai Express, or Chennai anything and not have Rajni sir mentioned in it, then the film is kind of incomplete. So we thought of this tribute. I spoke to his daughter and she gave us this word which he’s called in the south ‘Thalaiva’, which means the big boss, so everything fell into place.”

Chennai Express hits theaters on Friday August 9th!

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