Making of Sadda Haq – Rockstar

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One of the first sounds we heard from the Rockstar soundtrack was the thumping beats and powerful vocals of ‘Sadda Haq’ and right from those first few notes we were intrigued. Then we saw the full song promo and it just amped up our excitement to see the film that stars Ranbir Kapoor. Talking about this song sung by Mohit Chauhan with special guest Orianthi on guitar, Ranbir said in a recent interview, “We had a situation in the film where there is a shift in the main protagonist’s character. He is very angry with the society. He believes we are who we are because of the way we are born and society has no right to tell us what is right and what is wrong. There is a lot of angst in the character at this point and this is the time when he starts growing as an artist. The greatness of music and poetry starts growing in him and he expresses his angst through this song ‘Saadda Haq Aithe Rakh’. The phrase is very catchy and means ‘What my right is put it in front of me’. Besides another highlight of the song is the brilliant guitar solo piece by the very talented Orianthi who has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson.”

Have a look at what went on behind the scenes into the making of the song!


Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar hits cinemas on 11-11-11!

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