Mallika Sherawat and the Desi Charlie’s Angels

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Mallika Sherawat is determined to make it big on Twitter. The girl has been seen twittering with the like of Priyanka Chopra and dually discussing the possibilities of a Desi Charlie’s Angels. So excited is she, that she has started a petition online in hopes that some production house may actually consider her idea and sign the likes of Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu and herself for the Indian installment of the film.

The idea came about when a fan of Mallika tweeted to ask her if she would ever be interested in such a project from which the idea of a Desi version was born. She then got new Twitter buddy Priyanka Chopra involved and by default included Bipasha Basu. Since then, the actress has been tweeting about this “imaginary” project and has asked fans to also tweet about their take on the subject. Till date all of 36 signers have put their name down on the petition. In fact, a fan has actually gone ahead and developed a poster for the possible film – which could potentially be used if such a project actually saw the day of light. Until then, Mallika will continue to tweet about it and continue to create more hype for a film that could, or couldn’t actually be.

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