Mallika Sherawat is Ego Surfing

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Ego surfing is when you google your own name to see what comes up. It can be quite eerie. For example, when I google my own name, I find a surprising number of people who have not only the same name as myself, but also share the same interests and work in the same professions. In addition, if you ego surf your image, you often find a number of people who look remarkably similar to you. The British comedian Dave Gorman famously took this to the extreme when he not only googled his name but tracked down all the other Dave Gormans in the world and went to visit them – building a whole TV series around the idea – he’s probably reading this article now.

And probably too, so it Mallika Sherawat, who rumour has it, has begun ego surfing in a big way. If she is, then ‘Hi, Mallika, I’m really looking forward to Hissss! I hear you’re hoping to promote the idea that the Naagin that you play in the movie should be seen as a form of female empowerment. In fact, in your own words, “Hisss is a movie for girls too! It’s about female empowerment and a goddess superhero. Hisss will be worth the wait.” I’m sure it will.’

‘I also hear that there are plans to produce a computer game based on the movie and some comic books and graphic novels. Now that you are being described as the Marilyn Monroe of the East by the US media, this could be the big one that sees you break through into the big time. I certainly hope that’s true. By the way, I hear you are also tired of being single and you are looking for a non-smoking vegan yogi. If you’re ever passing by in the UK, feel free to drop in and say Hi!’

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