Mama Is No Longer Sexy

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The 13B soundtrack is currently creating waves all around. Audience’s favourite track from the album ‘Oh Sexy Mama’ has been censored heartlessly by the censor board for a number of reason. Firstly, they claim to have problem with the word ‘sexy’. Secondly, they claim to have a problem with the amount of times the word is used and lastly, they even have a problem with the visuals. Director Vikram Kumar faced a tough decision to alter the lyrics for television promos which are now airing the song as ‘Oh Crazy Mama’.

Singers Anushka and Baba Sehgal agreed that they may have a bit too much time on their hands and being so particular may be a bit silly. Lyricist Neelesh Mishra cannot believe that it was this word that they came down upon and he added to Hindustan Times that perhaps it’s one rule taken too far.

Well it seems like Mama is now crazy and no longer sexy!

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