Manoj Bajpai On Going Digital During The Lockdown

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Manoj Bajpai’s superlative performance in the OTT series The Family Man and now the feature film Bhonsle which was premiered on the digital domain recently, has made him a huge draw on the OTT platform.

Says Manoj, “Because of the lockdown the OTT has hit a peak. Audiences are watching all sorts of content, even the ones they don’t find interesting. They see everything and post ruthlessly honest views on the social media.The OTT has the advantage of the lockdown. It has become a strong alternative for entertainment in India.”

Manoj says he had foreseen the popularity of this medium. “The OTT is a very new medium. I remember doing a couple of short films for YouTube. That’s when I realized that this is the future. Netflix started booming. The first thing I saw in the US was Narcos. I was blown away.I realized India too would not remain untouched by the digital boom. And that’s exactly what has happened.”

The lockdown has given Manoj a chance to re-assess his life and career. “I was shooting in Uttarakhand when the lockdown was announced. While I was there there was no masking or sanitization only hiking and trekking in the fresh air , spending time with birds, trees, animals and fruits. Then suddenly we were back in the city and we saw a different world.”

The actor par excellence is fed up of the lockup. “After four months,it seems the lockdown will never end. I want this lockdown to end now. The country and the world have come to a standstill. I can only hope this ends immediately.”

What are Manoj’s post-lockdown plans? “I don’t know.As soon as this gets over, I will get on with my job. I don’t know what I’ll shoot. Before leaving Uttarakhand I decided not to plan anything. But now I’ve a plan.I’ll reveal it after the lockdown. But first I will have to finish shooting the incomplete film from Uttarakhand. There’re five days of shooting left.”

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