Manorama – Six Feet Under

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It is a shame when a ball of talent like that in Manorama is wasted on a purely poor script. That is the case with Manorama Six Feet Under. The movie has all the perfect content casting wise just not script wise.

A thriller and suspense drama, Manorama Six Feet Under is the journey of a small time author SV (Abhay Deol) as he turns his written character of a detective into a real person.

On a normal afternoon, in his average household with his wife (Gul Panag) and son, SV gets a visit from an unfamiliar lady who claims to be the wife of a leading politician. She has read SV’s first book “Manorama” and wants him to turn his book’s main protagonist into a real life person by asking SV to do a bit of snooping around to uncover a possible affair her husband might be having. SV in the need of money accepts the job and uncovers something that is much more than he thought. His findings are so dire that it costs the mysterious lady her life. There is, however, one thing the lady says to SV before she dies and that is the truth of her identity. She was not actually the politician’s wife but someone who had uncovered an ugly truth about the politician and was being punished for it. Oh and also what a coincidence, her name too is Manorama like the title of SV’s novel.

The rest of Manorama Six Feet Under is SV’s journey of uncovering the killers of Manorama and discovering the deep dark truth that he had uncovered under the influence which was a mere extra marital affair.

Manorama Six Feet Under has the makings of a good movie however the screenplay is one that can put someone to sleep within the first 5 minutes. It is a shame since the storyline is quite impressive and is capable to be shaped in a much more exciting way to keep the audiences’ attention. Detective dramas are becoming rare these days so if Manorama had shaped up perfectly, without a doubt it would have been a fantastic movie.

The movie seems to have been dragged like a long piece of chewing gum, until the point where it snaps. And the snapping part is exactly when audiences make up their mind and announce, “Nope, I don’t like this movie at all.”

Abhay Deol can certainly be type casted as the most unpredictable and “weird” Deol of the lot. Unlike his cousins who lived of the “typical” Bollywood movies, he has yet to do one. The closest clich

Our Rating

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