Mantra gave Kunal Dekhmukh a beer bath

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Many times we have seen directors ordering actresses to get wet with beer in a movie for some romantic scene but for a change the director of Tum Mile, Kunal Deshmukh, was at the receiving end of the beer bottle. Mantra, who is playing the second lead in the film, managed to achieve the impossible. He poured brimming mugs of beer on Kunal, so much so that Kunal had to go back to the hotel to change.

Laughs Mantra, “I am playing a waiter in the movie. For the scene, I have to carry a tray loaded with beer glasses. It required a lot of movement and even a turn. When Kunal narrated me the scene, I wanted to show him as a rehearsal. In any case this was my first day on the sets and I wanted to impress him. But while taking the turn the entire tray fell down on KD and he was completely drenched.”

In real life too, before becoming a radio jockey, Mantra has worked in a hotel and he is very good in turning around while balancing a tray. “But impress karne ke chakkar me sab gadbad ho gaya and I thought now he will kick me out of the film. Meri to waat lag gayee thi, instead all of them had a good laugh, including Imran Hashmi,” Mantra chuckles.

Tum Mile is a love story with 26/7 deluge in 2006 as the backdrop. It has been shot partly in South Africa and the rest in Mumbai. The sets have been well created and the scenes have a realistic look of the situations that occurred during 26/7. The movie is directed by Kunal Deshmukh, the director of Jannat. The film stars Emraan Hashmi, Soha Ali Khan and Mantra. In the film, Mantra plays the character of Emraan’s best friend Vick. Mantra’s character is of a fun loving, smart boy who prefers to live life for the spur of the moment while Emraan’s character is very serious. Mantra has done 10 years of theatre with more than 100 productions under his belt and is the very popular RJ of Red FM.

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