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As Salman Khan’s Partner hits silver screens worldwide, talks have commenced about his next movie, a Hollywood venture titled Marigold where he stars opposite sexy Ali Larter of the TV show, Heroes. Marigold has music by the talented trio of Shankar, Eshaan, and Loy who have been busy since the music of Heyy Babyy also released within days of Marigold’s music launch. The Hindi lyrics are given by Javed Akhtar and the English lyrics are penned by Shari Watson.

The album commences with Yeh Pyaar Kya Hai (Seven Stages of Love) by Shaan. It’s a very sweet song describing the seven stages of love, starting from the first meeting to the-head-over-heels stage. The lyrics are simple yet effective while the music is soothing and melodious. Shaan renders the song beautifully in a lovable and playful manner that merges well with the lyrics and the music.

The second track titled Pyaar Kya Hai (That’s Love) is also sung by Shaan but this time it’s a relatively fast paced show number accompanied by an enthusiastic chorus. The lyrics once again are simple without being run-of-the-mill. The music is very well paced as it remains true to its sweet and romantic lyrics while being a show number. Shaan delivers an excellent song where he sings both the English and Hindi verses with equal elan.

The album takes a desi-route with Pagal Si Saari Leheren (Beach Blanket Bollywood). Vikaas Bhalla and Alka Yagnik sing this fun-filled number that is bound to gets those hips swaying and those feet tapping. With beautiful lovey-dovey lyrics and fast paced Indian music, this song is easily the best track in the album. Bhalla and Yagnik sound fantastic and remind you of one of the filmi duets from the 90’s.

We all know that Sonu Nigam is dynamite behind a mike. What we don’t know is that his sister Nikita Nigam is just as talented. Briefly heard in Pyare Mohan Nikita appears once again with Sacha Pyaar (The Meaning of Love) in Marigold. She sings what appears to be a difficult song with utmost confidence and elegance. Javed Akthar’s sweet and simple lyrics prove to be effective yet again. The song has uplifting romantic music that has just the right mix of Indian and western sounds. An English version of the number appears later on in the album titled Meaning of Love. American R&B singer Shari Watson (aka Truth Hurts) has penned the lyrics as well as sung the song. Shari is a splendid singer and her voice blends with Indian music superbly. The two versions are incomparable and can only be described as translated versions of each other.

Next in line is Tan Man (Marigold Erupts). It’s a well written romantic number which is mostly sung by Sneha Pant and Nihira Joshi with Vikhas Bhalla only lending his vocals in the initial parts of the song. The song starts off slowly then smoothly builds up to be a fast paced number with a good mixture of Indian and western music. Nihira and Sneha are brilliant but sound very much alike and therefore it is difficult to differentiate between the two.

Listen to the Music is an English number sung by Shaan and Ali Larter. The song is about dance and music as Salman’s character teaches Ali Larter’s character to dance. The English lyrics are very well written and once again Shankar, Eshaan and Loy effectively blend Indian and Western music together. Ali Larter surprises listeners with her sweet and sexy singing voice. Shaan and Larter compliment each other well, which makes the song a delight to hear.

The album ends with Seven Stages of Love, an English version of Yeh Pyaar Kya Hai by Shaan and Shari Watson. Shaan shines with his ability to sing both the English and Hindi versions of the song like the language barrier is non-existent. Shari sings as beautifully as she writes and Shaan and her sound great together.

Whoever spoke it, spoke the truth. Music has no boundaries and no limits. It cannot be discriminated based on race, colour and language. Marigold proves this as both the English and Hindi songs are equally beautiful to listen to. Shankar, Eshaan and Loy have proved their creativity again with Marigold. It’s a magnificent album and will only grow more popular with the release of the movie.

Our Rating

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