Marriage is not a priority for John and Bipasha

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John Abraham and Bipasha Basu are one of the hottest couples in Bollywood. The two actors have been together in a real romance since 2002 and in recent years, the rumors surrounding a possible marriage between the two have increased, but Bipasha says that marriage is not a priority for both.

According to the actress marriage is certainly in the cards but not yet, because they’re both not ready for the obligations of marriage. “We are both still so busy with our careers. We are very happy in our current relationship.”

She adds that both of them are very career-oriented and that marriage will happen, when the time is ripe. “John and I have a stable relationship so there is no hurry. Marriage will happen when it has to,” says Bipasha. “My parents and John’s keep forcing us though they know that ultimately we will get married. But believe me, Bengali girls often get married at a late age.”

That certainly will be news when the two do eventually walk down the aisle and you can be sure we will be here to report it!

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