‘Me & Maa’ Bollywood showers love for their Mothers’

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She’s the woman who wakes up the earliest in the house so her family can get to work and school on time. She’s the woman who cooks, cleans and manages her family, friends and relatives. She’s the woman who at the end of the day when everyone is nicely tucked away in bed she takes a deep breathe and mentally gets ready to do it all over again. The one who will go to the ends of the world just to see you smile. The super woman simply known as Mother. In films, the Mother is celebrated in Bollywood and on this day Mother’s are honored the world over!

The stars of Bollywood tweeted sentiments and gave some fabulous quotes about their own mother’s and every mother around the world today. See what they had to say!

“Which ever girl I have dated or I will date in future have been and will be very beautiful but for me the most beautiful person that ever was and that can ever be is my mother. She’s the most beautiful person I have ever seen.”- Salman Khan

“A very happy Mother’s Day to all, especially the mothers.” – Aamir Khan

“Spending the whole day with my mother. Happy mothers day ma!! Love u.” ~ Shekhar Ravjiani

“Everybody tells me that I am a mama’s boy and I don’t refute it. She is the one person who knows everything that is going on in my life. And my parents are the only ones I am answerable to. Mum has made my life most beautiful and I will never be able to thank her enough.” – Ranbir Kapoor

“To the adorable Mothers all over the World #happymothersday. No man, no son, no daughter could live without the love (sic),” Akshay Kumar

“Happy Mothers to you all.. Pls give all your dear Mothers my love and a big warm hug for me.” – R Madhvan

“Wishing u all a happy mothers day… The purest bond possible! Love u mom.” – Shahid Kapoor

“To mine, and all the mommies in the world, may today and all ur days be filled with unconditional love!” – Lara Dutta

“My Mother! Superwoman! Paying respect to the most selfless person in our lives, Mothers! Everyday not just today !” – Bipasha Basu

“Happy Mothers Day ma! Every time I think of all that my mother is and does I wonder if I’ll ever make a mother as good as her… My Mommy is the best.” – Dia Mirza

“Happy Mothers day to all the mothers out there and a special one to my very own Mother India 🙂 love u mommy … Muaaah !” – Preity Zinta

“Miss my mother a lot ! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.” – Neil Nitin Mukesh

“Happy Mothers day 2 all d wonderful mothers out there who put their childrens needs before theirs, who love unconditionally, who forgive always & who nurture us into being who we are.” – Farah Ali Khan

“Happy Mothers Day to all mums around the world, to my own saintly one:) to Divine Mother & blessed Mother India!” – Mallika Sherawat

“It`s nice to have a day dedicated to mothers. But personally, I would celebrate with my mom any time by taking her out on a vacation or doing something together. She likes this day, so I`m happy celebrating it. It`s beautiful.” – Sonakshi Sinha

“Maa tujhe Salaam” – Riteish Deshmukh

“I am thankful to my mother for bringing me into this world. She single handedly took care of my dad’s large family of brothers and sisters. At the same time brought me and my brother up. It says a lot about her strength and will make not only me but everyone proud. God give her long life and good health.” – Arjan Bajwa

“Moms are the best people in the world. On this day, I’d like to thank my mum for making me the person I am. She has taught me by example values of diversity, tolerance and grit. I get my sporting spirit from my mum. She’s truly a rockstar.” – John Abraham

“Wishing every mother out there a very happy mothers day!!! It’s just one day a year dedicated to showing our mothers how much we love them, but really, we should be thankful for our mothers everyday! God couldn’t be everywhere, so he created mothers 🙂 For ur love, guidance, wisdom and strength…love you maa!” – Vivek Oberoi

BollySpice would like to join in to wish all the Mother’s around the world a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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