MIA Bollywood Stars

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More than often we see or hear about most of the celebrities around Bollywood. Be it for their upcoming movies, starry tantrums or even at publicity events. However, once in a while, some of the stars disappear into hibernation. We don’t see them on the big screen nor are they seen painting the town red. It causes us to raise an eyebrow when we don’t hear of them causing any airy antics either. A few of the usually out and about stars have taken a liking to the laying low mode and have vanished from the tabloids which made us ask – Hello ji, kahan ho aap? Please resurface!

First on our list of disappearing actors, is the charming and moody Akshaye Khanna. We last saw him in Mere Baap Pehle Aap which barely saw daylight at the box office. It’s been eons since we saw him in a good role post Gandhi – My Father and his previous hits have virtually faded from the memories of his fans. His upcoming release Shortcut: The Con Is On seems to be his solace right now as we barely see the talented actor on celluloid. Come out of hiding Mr. Khanna!

Preity Zinta is on a different path and headed towards more “artsy” films in her career now. We saw her cheering and hugging her team players at the IPL cricket matches last year. On the big screen, we saw her bomb with The Last Lear and make a small appearance Heroes. Her career is in desperate need of a quick and good revival – get on with it PZ!

Her abs are known for being washboard flat and unfortunately Esha Deol’s career is headed that way too. In the last few years, she has been seen in a series of flops ranging from Cash to One Two Three and Hijack. We know it ain’t easy being daughter to India’s dream girl Hema Malini and He-Man Dharmendra, but this Deol needs to pick up her feet and get going!

From bahen to bhai. Bobby Deol has desperately been looking for the right role and movie to help re-kick start his otherwise dying filmi profession. While his last hit Apne was his saving grace, after that it has been nothing but a downhill climb for this Deol. Hopefully, bhaiya Sunny Deol will come to the rescue (again) and help his chote bhai out with a good role and hit to his name.

In my opinion, the ultimate Khan is Feroz Khan. Regrettably however, his son Fardeen Khan hasn’t been able to create the same impact Sr. Khan did and is continuing to do. Post marriage, we saw him gain and lose weight courtesy of mother-in-law Mumtaz who insists on feeding her jamai. The same occurred with his movie career too! Darling and Just Married sunk and although Heyy Baby proved to bring in some cash, it failed to help Fardeen’s credibility as an actor. Hopefully his upcoming Acid Factory will prove to help gain him a few more movies to his draining kitty!

Last on the list of disappearing actors is the cute and controversial Vivek Oberoi. He has seen a real roller coaster in terms of his career and personal life. However, that said, he always manages to gain back his standing in the industry with busting out a fantastic performance. When Kisna and Pyare Mohan showed dud and dud again at the box office, he came back with Shootout at Lokhandwala, quickly reassuring the industry and critics that he was here to stay. Cut to 2008, and we saw him in the dreadful Mission Istanbul. We hope 2009 and beyond brings with it movies and luck for the talented actor. In the meantime, show us more of your sweet smile, will ya!

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