Milan Luthria’s “rain check” for The Dirty Picture!

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The pre-monsoon showers in Mumbai initially made the producers of the Milan Luthria-directed The Dirty Picture jittery. However, the quick-thinking director, sensing more rain in the following days, planned his next scenes accordingly.

He shot for a few scenes using a rain machine so that if it were to rain in the coming days, he would be able to shoot conveniently and maintain continuity once the rain stopped. A rain machine is a low power hydraulic piece of equipment that creates artificial rain for use in scenes in films and television. So many times when you think you favorite stars are running around the trees in the rain it is actually a machine making it pour.

The Dirty Picture stars Vidya Balan, Tusshar, Emraan Hashmi and Naseeruddin Shah. Described as a musical it delves into the life of 80’s Tamil screen sensation, Silk Smitha.

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