Million Dollar Arm Music Review

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 14jun-MillionDollarArmMillion Dollar Arm has a total number of 16 tracks on the album, with all of the songs composed and written completely by music maestro AR Rahman. Having already delivered some amazing international music albums previously (Slumdog Millionaire, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, 127 Hours, The Lord of the Rings) AR Rahman is always pushing himself further and with it Indian music on a global scale.

We thought we would share our music review with you as very often international films soundtracks can be easily passed over, but with AR Rahman’s name to it, intrigue and loyalty is surely enough to have a listen.

There are only a handful of traditional singing tracks in the album: Keep The Hustle is essentially a hip hop track, featuring Raghav, with a nice beat and an Arabian rift thrown in.

We Could Be Kings is an upbeat western track, designed as a positive and uplifting sports motivational song, but is amazingly blended with sufi raags and taals.

Makhna is a pure unadulterated Hindi song, the type of sports anthem one would expect in a mainstream Bollywood sports film. The song has rustic feel to it.

Million Dollar Dream features Australian singer Iggy Azalea and is a great fusion of Indian music and electro sounds.

Unborn Children is a soothing Tamil song and classic AR Rahman, which reminds you of the Roja days.

In addition to these tracks are a host of instrumental tracks such as: Taa Taa Tai, Bobbleheads, Never Give Up, Lucknow, Farwell, Desi Thoughts, First Try Out, Calling Scouts Again, Welcome to India, and The Final Pitch. The range of the instrumental tracks is huge and varied, from western beats, to traditional Indian, to sufi sounds.

Million Dollar Arm is a perfect album to play in the background, whilst reading, studying or enjoying a glass of wine. One for deep music lovers and one which will make you feel proud of our very own AR Rahman.

An Indian album, for global ears.

The movie will have its UK premiere at the London Indian Film Festival on July 14th!

Our Rating

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