Minissha’s in love with Mr. P

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The whispering winds have whispered and what a mischievous naughty tale, they tell. All the gossip groups better get your notebooks out, because Minissha Lamba the hot and sexy actress of – “Bachna Ae Haseeno” and “Kidnap” has been caught by curious eyes, romancing a certain “Mr. P”.

Secret reports shock, by saying that Minissha just can’t keep her hands of this love she more than fraternizes with. When Mr. P is around Minissha always has this excited spark in her eyes like all she wants is to just play… all day and night if possible. Apart from all the love and P.D.A the babe from Bollywood also seems extremely possessive about Mr. P and she just can’t stand the idea of losing Mr. P to another, every time she sees any other indulging in the addictive Mr. P Minissha is spotted immediately nearby, playing for possession.

If that is not love, one must wonder – “what is?” However, who is this Mr.P after-all? well without further ado and much prancing around the pony… undoubtedly and after much confirmation and re-conformation from reliable sources… it has been found that, not intending the pun with a “P”, Minissha’s Mr. P is none other than the game that so many love – ‘Poker’. She has a penchant and is totally addicted to the game.

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