Mira, Royal Detective Celebrates Diwali with a special episode, a special dance video by Nakul Dev Mahajan plus special video messages!

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Disney Junior YouTube Mira Royal Detective “The Great Diwali Mystery”

Ever since Disney Junior’s Mira, Royal Detective premiered on March 20th, the animated television series has been entertaining children of all ages. Created for kids age 2-7 and their families, each episode of Mira Royal Detective is set in the fictional land of Jalpur. Rooted and inspired by India’s vibrant heritage, each episode features authentic music, dance, and customs in two 11-minute stories. Mira, Royal Detective follows the smart, brave, and resourceful Mira, a commoner who is appointed to the role of royal detective by the Queen. As royal detective, Mira travels throughout the kingdom helping royals and commoners alike. Along with her friend Prince Neel, a talented inventor, creative cousin Priya, and comical mongoose sidekicks Mikku and Chikku, she will stop at nothing to solve a case, taking young viewers on adventures that highlight critical thinking and encourage deductive reasoning.

To celebrate Diwali, Mira, Royal Detective has a very special episode titled “The Great Diwali Mystery”, in which Mira must track down the missing oil used to light traditional lamps throughout the town in order to save the Diwali celebration.

As in many of the episodes, the dance of India is highlighted and there is a very special dance sequence in the Diwali celebration episode. We have the inside scoop about it from choreographer Nakul Dev Mahajan about the naach of Mira!!

Talking exclusively to BollySpice, Nakul said, “Music and Dance has always been uplifting. Mira, Royal Detective, with its beautiful animation, storylines, music compositions, and attention to detail, has really brought so much joy to people.”

One of the best things that they do is that they have videos teaching the viewers, and we know it is young and old, the dance steps from the episodes.

Check out the newest and outstanding learn the dance video with Nakul himself!

About the response to these videos Nakul says, “The dance videos I get sent to me from parents of their child dancing to the moves – the feeling is so rewarding. As an educator, it fills my heart knowing that my work is making people dance and lifting their spirits, especially in the times we are living in today.”

Nakul also spoke about the show, “I have been getting a lot of wonderful and positive feedback about the show in general. I love when the message includes a picture of a child wearing a Mira costume or holding a toy of a character from the show.”

Disney Junior YouTube Mira Royal Detective “The Great Diwali Mystery”

The choreographer shared his Diwali message for all, “Diwali is a time when we remind ourselves of our many blessings and what we should be grateful for. For me, that is family, friendship, and love. It is also a time for forgiveness. Most of all, it is a time to celebrate and the best way I know how to do that is to DANCE! The Mira, Royal Detective Diwali episode embodies all this and much more.”

We also have a video featuring Diwali greetings talking about the upcoming Diwali holiday and what it means to them from some of the stars of Disney’s Mira, Royal Detective including Kal Penn (voice of Mikku), Utkarsh Ambudkar (voice of Chikku), Aasif Mandvi (voice of Mira’s dad, Sahil), Karen David (voice of Shilpa, Ashima, and Rubi), Parvesh Cheena (voice of Manish), Sonal Shah (voice of Poonam) and Leela Ladnier (voice of Mira).

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