Mira, Royal Detective: Now you can Learn to Dance with Mira and her Friends

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Courtesy Disney

Inspired by the cultures and customs of India, “Mira, Royal Detective” is set in the fictional land of Jalpur and follows the smart, brave and resourceful Mira, a commoner who is appointed to the role of royal detective by the Queen.

Created for kids age 2-7 and their families, each episode features two 11-minute stories which showcase Mira utilizing critical thinking and deductive reasoning to help solve cases for her family, friends and extended community.

One of the highlights of the show are the dance sequences and there is a new way to be a part of the Mira world by joining in the dance!

“Dance with Mira and Friends” is a new short-form series that features Mira and her mongoose friends, Mikku and Chikku, alongside real-life kids, demonstrating simple dance moves from the series for young viewers to be able to follow along at home.

Acclaimed Bollywood choreographer Nakul Dev Mahajan is the dance consultant and choreographer on “Mira, Royal Detective” and worked on the new short-form series as well, teaching the kids the dances and breaking it down into simple movements for young kids to perform.

Nakul Dev Mahajan is so excited for all the young people to try these dances! About these special shorts he told us exclusively, “Dance with Mira and Friends has been yet another wonderful experience and a project I am so proud of. Mira, Royal Detective has been a gift that keeps on giving. In these challenging times, keeping our children active and engaged is so important, especially with so many parents running out of ideas. This short series not only breaks down Indian dance steps for children to do, but also pulls you right in these lovable characters.”

Earlier about the show he said, Mira, Royal Detective reinforces ‘the idea that music and dance brings us together!’ Adding, “That, I think, is absolutely what this world needs more of is each person holding their hands together as a community, as a family, working together, solving our problems and then dancing it out.”

Check out one of the Special new “Dance with Mira and Friends” shorts:

“Dance with Mira and Friends” debuted on Monday August 24th on Disney Channel. One new short will roll out daily the rest of the week (Tuesday-Friday) at 8:55 a.m., ET/PT and will also and will also be available on Disney Junior, DisneyNOW and Disney Junior YouTube, with additional shorts premiering later this fall.

Are you ready to naach With Mira and her friends? We are!

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