More about ‘Between the Night and the Moon’

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U.S. based indie film company Ambassador Pictures, Inc., is finishing up the casting for its film ‘Between the Night and the Moon.’ This project has been written exclusively for Kangna Ranaut by Juan C. Sanchez. The director of the project Italian filmmaker Gilda Pianelli says, “Our film is about love, passion and rage. It is not an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet but, is a romantic film between two people of extremely different cultures. The film is being shot in Kashmir and Miami. We are looking to commence this project in the fall. We are waiting for a heads up from Miss Ranaut who we shall meet with again soon. Our project is in very good hands and everything is falling into place very nicely. The script is fabulous. Very moving and layered. Miss Ranaut is perfect.”

Ambassador Pictures, Inc.
Tel: 954-297-7533
Press Agent: Sharon Sampson
Executive Producer: Shuja Paul
Producer: Adriana Cerundolo

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