More about the extraordinary story of Chandu Champion starring Kartik Aaryan

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We have more about the highly anticipated Chandu Champion starring Kartik Aaryan and directed by Kabir Khan. Jointly produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and Kabir Khan, Chandu Champion is all set to hit the big screen on 14th June.

Chandu Champion tells the compelling story of Murlikant Petkar, a man who, against all odds, never gave up. His relentless spirit and dedication led India go its first-ever Paralympic gold medal in Heidelberg, Germany, for the 50 m freestyle swimming. It’s an unbelievable tale of a man who faced one adversary after another with an undying spirit. His unwavering zeal and never-give-up attitude led to create history.

First check out the trailer which is loaded with emotional moments, action, a glimpse of the biggest-ever war sequence, the extraordinary journey of a man who refused to surrender, and heart-warming moments. The trailer grants the audience a sneak peek into the big-scale world of ‘Chandu Champion’ that could have happened only with Kartik Aaryan’s incredible transformation as a soldier, boxer, and wrestler, channels his dedication, and perfection,

Director Kabir Khan said in an earlier interview, “This is such a fabulous story. And I consider myself so fortunate that it came to me because it’s just one of those most compelling underdog stories that you’ve ever heard. We tend to sometimes segment our stories – this is a sports story, this is a drama story. Actually, it’s an amazing story of a man who refused to give up and when you read it, you feel so inspired and motivated. I felt that this story has to be told to this country because it’s a hero that we’ve completely forgotten. And when you see the film, you realise what all this person achieved and how he achieved it – it would be criminal if you did not celebrate him.”

Commenting on the role, Kartik said, “My career’s toughest and most special film Chandu Champion 🇮🇳👊, the story of a man who refused to surrender. Hope it touches your heart, entertains and inspires you to achieve your goals just like India’s pride, Mr Murlikant Petkar.”

The actor went through quite the transformation to play this role.

One social media he posted, “From 39 % body fat to 7 % body fat !! 🙏🙏From being an ‘insomniac’ to turning into a ‘fitness enthusiast’, it’s surely a journey of one and half years to remember for me. The life of the living legend Mr Murlikant Petkar, not only made me a stronger human being but also, further installed the belief that if you can dream it, then you can achieve it… nothing is impossible.”

Plus we have an epic behind the scenes’s video of ‘One Take’ war sequence shot from the sets of Chandu Champion in Kashmir. About the sequence the star said, “The proudest moment of my career so far- playing a soldier of the Glorious Indian Army, one of the many facets of Chandu Champion’s life !! Glimpse of the 8 min long single take War Sequence.”

Also check out some of the posters!

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