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From the first tweet announcing ‘He’s Back!’ to the huge raves the first look trailer received, one film that everyone wants to see now, not later, NOW is the Amitabh Bachchan starrer Bbuddah – Hoga Tera Baap! Directed by Puri Jagganath, Bbuddah see Amitabh bringing back his angry man avatar in a film that also stars Hema Malin, Sonu Sood, Raveena Tandon, and Sonal Chauhan. Bachchan plays a retired hitman settled in Paris, who comes back to India to do ‘one last job’. The film is a fast paced action thriller which showcases the actor in a never seen before stylized avatar with action and masala of a true Bollywood film mixed with the “Original Action Hero”; and man does he have the look and the moves!

The film is in its final post-production phases and Bachchan has been tweeting about what goes into a film in that stage, “I am on to Bbuddah and its final process .. no rest at all. Entire day has gone in meets and decisions and planning and recording dubs and singing final song takes for film .. it is tough ..”

Speaking of singing the final song, Big B has sung four of the songs on the OST, which was composed by Vishal-Shekhar. He recently blogged about the music of the film, “I am very keen to share the music of the film with you, but shall have to wait for a go ahead from marketing. Perhaps what can be shared is the package of the songs, which if I may be a little immodest has been unique. There is a modern youthful element, some typical London Punjabi underground, an attempt at the very first ‘acapella’ and in India and in Indian movie the very first time ‘Dub Beat’ a element which I am told by Vishal and Shekhar is a rage in the western world and catching on very fast here too among the young. But my favorite has to be the melody composed by this very talented duo, sung by me and written by that lovely spark Anvita. As you can see then, there is a lovely combination of many styles of music.”

Not only is the music unique, it is also his look that is something we have not really seen him in before. According to Bachchan, “The film is flamboyant in style, especially in my character which you may have guessed by the dressing design in the trailer. It is tongue in cheek where I am concerned, relaxed laid back and cool.” He recently released some pictures on Twitter to show the character’s style and attitude of a flamboyant man, young at heart. Could he look ANY cooler?


“Leather, scarf, boots, aviators, Harley and ‘Bbuddah hoga tera Baap’!!!”

“BHTB … !! Thoda Action”

“BHTB … !! “Thoda action thoda Jackson”

Amitabh is very happy and thankful for the early buzz that the film has been receiving, “It takes every ounce of our system to make a film and put it out to you. Years of planning and months of sweat and tears, shall be judged within 2 hours on release of film and we accept the verdict. I am excited that there is excitement among you.”

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