Most Improved Celebrities of 2008

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In an earlier article we provided a list of celebrities that have some major areas to work on if they want to be successful in the New Year. This time around we take the opposite approach and take a look at a few celebrities who have made great strides in their careers while giving solid performances in all their releases.

Eesha Kopikkar (Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi)

Everyone has always known she can act, but for some reason Eesha Kopikkar (who has changed the spelling of her name from Isha) has been typecast as a glamorous item girl following her ‘Khallas’ number in Company. If there’s anything she needed this year, it was a film that could break this image. Naturally, her role in Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi which was produced by Rajshri films, known for making lavish family-oriented films, has managed to give Eesha a new lease of life. Not only has her career leaped forward, but Eesha claims her personal life is going equally smoothly. With such a combo, it doesn’t look like there’s any stopping Eesha. Maybe the double “e” did the trick?

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