Most Romantic Scenes

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Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
BollySpice brings you romantic scenes,
So you can feel Ishq so true!

Yes readers, the day for lovers and friends to do a quick Salaam-e-Ishq is here: Valentine’s Day! Itn the world of Bollywood, wonderful writers step into the shoes of the God of love, Cupid, to give us some of the most romantic scenes to make you smile, feel giddy, and at times, even shed a tear. Hindi movies, past and present, have given its viewers some of the most mushy-pyaar-filled moments to cherish. This Valentine’s Day, the girls of BollySpice (since the boys are, oh, so unromantic) bring you some of our favorites guaranteed to make you feel the Pyaar Ke Side Effects!

Prathna Says Aww:

Aaja Nachle – Kunal Kapoor & Konkona Sen Sharma

The chemistry that both of these unconventional stars share is simply sizzling and at the same time, very unexpected. Aaja Nachle saw the two actors take on the personas of Laila and Majnu in their eternal love story, so naturally the film was filled with moments that make everyone in the audience take a moment to say “awwww…”, but the scene that stands out for me is one of Imran and Anokhi and not of Laila and Majnu. The scene is set when the various political goons invade their rehearsal and brutally destroy the sets, and all the cast members step in, including Imran Pathan. Seeing Imran being brutally attacked by the goons, Anokhi jumps in without giving a second thought to how on Earth she would save her Imran. All that she knows is that she will, at any cost. In a flick of a second, you see Imran and Anokhi take on their in stage persona’s of Laila and Majnu. For those who know Laila and Majnu’s love story they’ll instantly see that this scene is not different from when Majnu is being forced away and stoned on Laila’s father’s orders and Laila, without caring for her life, steps in to try and save her Majnu. You see this exact scene replicated in the play sequence in Aaja Nachle in the ‘Koi Pathar Se Na Maare’ song. The scene remains as the highlight of Anokhi and Imran’s relationship, because it is the exact moment that their love is tested and, despite not having said those three words, the two hearts know that one simply cannot live without the other.

Socha Na Tha– Ayesha Takia & Abhay Deol

Never has their been such a romantic sequence that didn’t require any words. Imtiaz Ali’s directorial debut film Socha Na Tha had one of these rare moments where words are not needed to express anything, where one heart speaks to another. The sequence takes place when Viren sneaks into Aditi’s room to finally, at last, set his heart in peace and confront his feelings, feelings that he simply cannot explain, and if they can be explained, will they ever be reciprocated by the person in question? The essence of the sequence, and what makes the romance so special, is the pure innocence of both the characters. Both totally na

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