Mother Preity

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Preity Zinta is an actress who uses her stardom for noble reasons. In the past, she was not afraid to hold her stand against the Indian mafia for which she won the Bravery Award. Her achievements outside the movie arena clearly indicate that she believes in her social responsibilities and holds him in high regard. While she may have decided to take a breather from commercial films and look towards more serious cinema, she has not shied away from helping out her community in whichever way she can.

P.Z. has gone ahead and adopted 34 young girls from an orphanage in Rishikesh. The girls at the Mother Miracle orphanage will soon be calling Zinta their mummy, as she will take full care of their upbringing which includes education, food and clothes. When asked about her stance on being a “sleeper” parent to the girls, she quickly replied, “These are my children now, my responsibility. I’ll be constantly connected with them and I’ll visit them twice a year.”

Zinta also claims that she intends to increase her social responsibility and adopt more children as time goes on. “For a while now I’ve been thinking of what to do to help the less privileged classes specially the girl child. The horrors of foeticide and rampant child abuse are not just screaming news headlines for me. They’re voices that scream from inside me. And I had to listen to them. These 34 girls are just a beginning. I plan to adopt a couple more every year.”

An actress par excellence and aware of her social responsibilities, it doesn’t get better than this!

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