Mugdha Godse both serious and funny

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Mugdha Godse, who made everyone sit up and take notice of her acting talent in her debut film Fashion, is currently hard at work on two new projects. The interesting thing is that they are on opposite poles of the genre spectrum with one being a drama, Jail, and the out and out comedy, All the Best. Jail, directed by Fashion’s Madhur Bhandarkar also stars Neil Nitin Mukesh, while All the Best directed by Rohit Shetty has an all-star cast including Ajay Devgan Sanjay Dutt, Fardeen Khan and Bipasha Basu.

The model turned actress is excited about her new films but is finding it a bit hard to adjust between the drama of Jail and the lightness of All the Best. “I’m still trying to adjust to that. One day I’m dancing and joining the celebrations with a large number of co-stars in All The Best. Then on the very next day I have to be all sombre and serious for Jail. It’s tough to change moods, but I try to do as much homework as possible before I report on the sets,” she told IANS.

Mugdha is still recovering from a neck injury she sustained in a road accident and is having to be careful while shooting for the comedy, “Though in Jail there is not much physical stress, All The Best is a full on dhamaal affair which requires you to be a lot more active physically. Since it’s a comedy with lots of music and dance, I’m literally required to be on my toes all the time. With my current neck situation, I have to be extra careful.”

She is working very hard and says the two jobs keep her busy but she in not complaining, “What more could someone like me want who is only one film old and finding her feet in Bollywood?”

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