Mugdha Godse Draws the Line

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It’s rumoured that Mugdha Godse, Miss India 2004, may be the next big thing in Bollywood provided her debut movie, Fashion, makes the big impact that everyone hopes it will. Even on the strength of its potential, Mughda, who is a Commerce graduate from prestigious Pu has been receiving lots of movie offers – but there’s one that she’s definitely turned down – and that’s a request to appear topless in the French movie Raas Leela, which also would star French actress Emanuelle Beart. Earlier actress Divya Dutta had also turned down the same role. Can’t the producers take a hint – good Indian girls don’t do that sort of thing!

However, Mugdha is modern enough that she’s willing to expose some skin in movies, a bikini perhaps, and she’s said she’s even willing to go as far as kissing provided its with the right person and it’s the right script.

Meanwhile, she’s just picked up a three-film offer from the Percept production company which will see her working with some of the best directors in the business. She must be pleased with the way that Fashion has helped her career? “True, I am happy that the buzz and hype about Fashion has been making quite a few people sit up and notice the project. PPC were aware about the progress that Fashion was making and were seemingly cued in about my performance too.”

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