Mugdha Godse Stops The Show!

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The eyes of the fashion world have already been pleasantly impressed by the innovation and leading edge presentation at the first day of the Bangalore Fashion Week. Swapnil Shinde’s magnificently avant-garde gothic collection made the audience perch on the edge of their seats and when Mugdha Godse appeared in a clinging full-length velvet and lace dress with silk lace sleeves, they nearly fell off. Swapnil says he enjoyed playing with the gothic influences, “But at the same time I had to make sure that it was wearable, and it wasn’t too over the edge and extremely crazy.”

Mugdha recently attended the Pune International Film Festival, which proved very nostalgic for her as she’d spent a fair bit of her childhood there. She was able to recreate some of the walks she’d taken with her father. “Mugdha enjoys taking walks with her father but this time it was a bit different as now she has become a public figure and people started gathering around them so the walk couldn’t last for long,” said a friend.

Mugdha is about to begin work on London Main Kya Hua? – a comedy thriller in the Pink Panther style with British duo Katrina Kaif and Upen Patel; and also a horror film with Bobby Deol which recently took her to thee exotic isle of Mauritius. “We took this glass-bottom boat ride right into the ocean, from where you could see the marine life right beneath your feet,” she says, “I have never seen such a wide variety of fish at one go! It is a must to participate in the water sports like snorkelling in Mauritius. Though I took a snorkeling trip to Marine Park and played with the dolphins, I was too scared to snorkel. But I will the next time, because I plan to go to Mauritius in the near future again.”

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