Mugdha Godse’s 20/20 Vision

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You will notice that in the ‘Dil Kare’ song in All the Best, everyone wears shades – Sanjay Dutt, Fardeen Khan, Bipasha Basu, Ajay Devgan – everyone that is except for Mugdha Godse. “I thought I’d flaunt my beautiful eyes so I did not wear any glares,” she says.

Still relatively new to the industry, Mugdha has been talking about how apprehensive she was when reaching the set for her new movie. “Sanjay is a big guy. And I was quite apprehensive in the beginning … almost frightened,” she confesses, “But he just strolled over to me on my first day and said ‘hello’. He made an effort to communicate and make me comfortable. After that, it has been a joy ride on the sets.”

Mugdha’s other film on the starting blocks is Madhur Bhandarkur’s Jail which has had it’s release date put back due to some production issues. “I apologize….some post production issues = JAIL can not make it on Oct 23rd,” Madhur tweeted recently, “The date now is NOV 6th.”

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