Mugdha Reminisces

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Pune’s German Bakery was a hang out for one and all, be it the common man or our film industry – every one loved the German Bakery. When the news of the bomb blast stroked the TV channels, people all our India were in a shock, and this included the Fashion actress Mugdha Ghodse.

Although located in Mumbai, Mughda’s hometown is Pune and when she learnt of the news, Mughda was horrified and called up all her friends and family to confirm their well being. Recollecting her old college days, Mugdha said that she used to love hanging out at the German Bakery with her friends and it saddens her heart to see the current state of the same place where she spent hours with her friends.

She also states that she loves the ambiance and atmosphere of the Germen Bakery had, and also specified her love for the herbal tea range, cakes, and snacks served there. She last visited the German Bakery a year back when she was in the city for an event.

Mugdha, who loves Pune, hopes all gets well with it, since Pune has been undergoing a lot from the last year, with the out break of flu, to riots and now the blasts.

She plans to visit Pune as soon as she wraps up with all her commitments in Mumbai.

After Fashion and All the Best, Mugdha will next be seen with Bobby Deol in a horror flick Help.

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