Mujra – Agent Vinod style

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All the hype surrounding the upcoming Saif Ali Khan starrer Agent Vinod seems justified after the trailer and first look of the film left audiences and critics very very intrigued. The music of the film has also been doing the rounds and getting good buzz. Leading the way is another Pritam creation – ‘Dil Mera Muft Ka’. The song sees the irrepressible Kareena Kapoor shake those hips to some tantalizing beats along with another eye candy Maryam Zakaria.

Pritam himself is quite proud of this one and has rated it as one of the best songs in the film. “‘Dil Mera Muft Ka’ is in keeping with the theme of the film. Naturally I can’t reveal much but its thriller and that’s for everyone to see. The film has quite a few secrets that will be revealed and the way Kareena is shot clearly tells you that she has some hidden intentions. Want to know what those are? Well wait on the film then,” says Pritam with a sly smile.

The composer has a house in Madh Island, which is generally his sanctum of peace and also a place where may of his fabulous musical creations are composed. Master pieces like ‘Dil Mera Muft Ka’ have generally been fine tuned by Pritam on one of his Madh Island sojourns. “I love the place, it’s quiet and beautiful. The perfect getaway,” says Pritam.

With respect to ‘Dil Mera Muft Ka’ being called a Mujra song, Pritam tends to disagree, “The song is not a classical Mujra number. There are distinct drum and bass beats which gives the song a very different identity. People need to understand that.” For people not familiar with the word mujra, it is a form of dance which originated from courtesans during the Mughal era. So instead of arguing about which genre the song would fit into, Pritam gives us a simple solution. “Why not call it Mujra – Agent Vinod Style?”

Well, we surely aren’t going to disagree. Lovely music and the beautiful Kareena Kapoor, this song is bound to leave a mark!

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