Munnabhai 3 will be made with Sanjay

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It has been learned Rajkumar Hirani, director of the Munnabhai films, has promised Sanjay Dutt that Munnabhai Chale Amerika will be made with only him. He has also promised him that the third installment will be the best in the series. Rajkumar Hirani tells Indiafm, “I am going to work extra hard on the script. I want to ensure that it’s my finest Munnabhai film, that’s the promise I’ve made to Sanju. In fact, the idea of the script has already taken shape. It’s too exciting.”

But before Munnabhai, Hirani is making a film with Shah Rukh Khan. According to him, “It’s aimed at the education system. Everyone’s keen on getting the right grades, so that they are assured of a better future. My film will make a comment on this issue. A strong message will be conveyed through humor.”

He also wants Sanjay to be a part of this film as well, although there is no role fitting for him. Hirani says, “But I’ll try to accommodate him any how. It’s difficult to make a film without him.”

Rajkumar Hirani has turned out to be one of the best directors in Bollywood with the Munnabhai series. His next film, which will be his first outside the Munnabhai series, will further escalate him as he is working with SRK in what sounds to be yet another winning film for the winning director. But if Hirani says Munnabhai 3 is going to be the best in the series, then we especially cannot wait for that! Lage Raho Rajkumar Hirani!

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