Murugadoss next with SRK?

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There are rumors abound that ace director Murugadoss, hot off his success with Ghajini, is in talks with Shah Rukh Khan to star in his next film. Reports are that the two have been meeting to discuss the project but now it is on hold because of SRK’s surgery.

Murugadoss said, “Things will materialise further only after Shahrukh recovers from his surgery.”

According to a source the film will be a Red Chillies production with a romantic story line. The source also revealed, “One of the industry’s top actresses, Priyanka Chopra or Kareena Kapoor will play the lead, reportedly.”

Hailing from the Tamil film industry, Murugadoss’ recent Bollywood film Ghajini was a remake of the blockbuster Tamil version of the same name. Though he is exploring working with SRK for his next Bollywood film he will also continue to direct films in the South.

As soon as we hear more about this potentially exciting project we will be sure to report it so check back soon!

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