Music Bandh Na Karo song promo from Hum Tum Shabana

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Two guys, one girl….seems like a simple enough love triangle right? Wrong!

There is nothing simple about this madcap story, especially when their rivalry to woo her lands them into a crazy contest of epic proportions. Soon enough, this battle to woo the girl, turns into a desperate battle to lose the girl!

With a comic guru like Sagar Ballary at the helm, a super-talented comedic cast and a crackling music score, this is one ride you’re just not going to want to miss. Join us as we take you on the mother of all rollercoaster rides in a comical extravaganza that’ll knock your socks off. This season, get ready for Fultoo Romance, Crazy Bhais, Rapchik Items and Dhamaal Fun.

Get set to board the joyride for the maddest comedy of the year! To start off check out the song promo for ‘Music Bandh Na Karo’…


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