Music of Kick released, Salman has sung three songs in the album!

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The music of Kick released on Monday and has been fully appreciated by music lovers and critics alike. BollySpice had previously bought you the news, from Music Director Himesh Reshammiya, that there will be a musical surprise for fans before Eid from Kick. That surprise has now been revealed: Salman Khan has sung 2 more songs for Himesh in the album. Apart from crooning in the song ‘Hangover’ for Meet Bros Anjjan, Salman has also lent his voice to the unplugged versions of ‘Jumme Ki Raat’ and ‘Tu Hi Tu’.

While Salman fans have loved this special surprise from their idol, Salman thinks otherwise about his singing abilities. Speaking to TOI in a recent interview, Salman said, “I sing badly but I can sing just about anytime. I don’t care about how I sing… I sing, I don’t care. But to be suddenly put in a spot and being told to sing, then I get hesitant. If I am singing on my own then I am fine,” he quipped.

As we mentioned earlier, Salman has sung before in Hello Brother and Wanted. Speaking further to TOI, Salman said, “I have sung before, in Hello Brother and Wanted, also the Most Wanted title track was sung by me. I don’t understand why is all this happening because I have sung earlier. So all this hype is making me feel like I am singing for the first time. I have just sung a bit better than those two times.”

Check out ‘Jumme Ki Raat’ in Salman’s voice below and share your thoughts with us!

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