Musical Love Story Side A Side B to premiere on T-Series YouTube Channel!

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In a cool and unique new way to release a film, the musical love story, Titled Side A Side B, will premiere on 11th February 2022, through T-Series’ YouTube channel. This is the first time a movie for young audiences is premiering on the YouTube channel with the most extensive subscriber base, over 200 million in fact, in the world.

Written and directed by journalist-turned-filmmaker Sudhish Kamath, the film stars debutants Rahul Rajkhowa and Shivranjani Singh, with music by Sudeep Swaroop.

Side A Side B is the bittersweet romantic journey of a young couple taking one last 44-hour train trip together with their cat Lou, from Guwahati to Mumbai, as the fate of their relationship hangs in the balance.

The musical playing out through ten songs captures the climactic moments between the young lovers torn between ambition and growing distance as Joel and Shivi realise they might be headed in different directions.

The indie love story was shot during a train journey with sync sound and live music performed by the cast.

Director Sudhish Kamath says, “This is nothing short of a miracle if you consider eight people got on a train, shot a movie with live music with young musicians, who rehearsed for weeks to be able to shoot the film in the course of 44 hours. But the bigger miracle is that our little indie was discovered by Luv Films who believed in it enough to take it to T Series. I dedicate this movie to all unsung indie artists who struggle to find a platform for their talent. I’m lucky I found the right collaborators in Rahul, Shivi, Sudeep, Raja, Karthik, Jojo and Vijay and am eternally grateful for this dream launch.”

Luv Ranjan adds, “I haven’t watched too many independent films. So when I watched the film, I was surprised and curious. How did they do this? If it could hold my attention, I was sure it could hold the attention of young people who watch our movies. This is an experiment, of course. If it works, it might encourage more filmmakers and musicians to take the initiative, make their movies and tell their stories, no matter what. Because all you need to make a movie today is a phone. You don’t wait for a producer, you go ahead and make the movie you really believe in. No excuses.”

This Valentine’s Day, as The Beatles lyrics sing, ‘all you need is love’.

Luv Films presents the retro musical with a timeless mixtape and love story at heart, Side A Side B, a Made In Madras Ink production, produced by Luv Ranjan & Ankur Garg, written and directed by Sudhish Kamath; drops on the T-Series You Tube channel from 11th February onwards.

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