“My dignity remains very important to me” – Neetu Chandra

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She’s back and raring to take you by a surprise 13B. Neetu Chandra will be gracing screens all over this Friday in what’s expected to be the supernatural thriller of the year! I caught up with the hot and happening actress to speak about the film, her experience and much more.

Firstly and fore mostly tell us how 13B happened for you?

Well, I was shooting in Pondicheri for One Two Three when I got a call from Vikram who told me he wanted to narrate a script to me. He told me he had a role that he only wanted me for. At the time I was very busy with my schedule so I had to tell him that the only way I could sit through a narration is if he would come to Pondicheri. He was so keen to get me for the role that he came all the way to Pondicheri to narrate the script. That was very exciting, I liked the enthusiasm and faith he had in me. I just loved the script upon hearing it.

This would be your first horror film. How has the experience been working on this genre? Would you like to do more in the future?

It in fact is a supernatural thriller and the first of its kind for me. Previously, I had done Garam Masala which was quite glamorous, Traffic Signal which was not so glamorous and then One Two Three where I played a cop, and of course Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye where I was a college going girl. This role for me is of a newly wedded housewife. Its’ very different for me.

Tell us a bit about your character and the storyline?

The story is about how television is part of the family today. It has taken over the whole family. My character is Priya who’s a very shy and coy girl. The story is about how she realises that television has really become a huge part of her family and in fact has become a danger to the family.

The film is a bilingual film also releasing in Tamil. How had this affected your work?

Yes definitely. Tamil is not my language. But thanks to my director Mr Vikram and Madhavan, they helped me a lot. It’s my first Tamil film.

Did you dub for you role?

No, I didn’t dub because of course I don’t speak the language and it wouldn’t sound authentic without the proper accent required.

Madhavan is a huge star down South and sn acclaimed one in Hindi cinema too so how has the experience been working with him?

He is great. He is great as an actor and co-actor. He can go to any extremes to get a scene perfect.

The film’s music is doing really well and is scored by Shankar Ehsaan and Loy. What’s your favourite track?

I like the song called ‘Aasmaan Oddh Kar’. I am not a very good singer haha but I like this track and it has been picturised on Madhavan and myself.

Vikram Kumar your director is debuting with this film so how was the experience of working with a first time director? How does this differ from working with an established one?

Actually, he is only a first time director in Hindi cinema but he has directed previously in other languages and I was in good trusting hands.

You’ve been in the news a lot lately. For you films, for the stunning maxim shoot and also a very unfortunate event that happened with Satyameva Jayate, your South film. How did you handle this very tragic incident?

Well, I see everything in every profession and my dignity remains very important to me. Especially for a female. So if that is not there, if one cannot respect a woman who has left everything to work in your city in a 102 degrees temperature and still trying to cover your shoots to avoid any problems and in return you don’t maintain your dignity and cross your limits, you have to be taken care of.

It was really great that you took care of the problem in a classy manner and that you actually did something about it because in many instances our actresses don’t do anything about it.

Yes, I know many actresses who have gone through worse situations and they have not done anything.

Lastly getting back to 13B, tell us why we all should rush to our nearest cinemas on Friday to catch 13B?

Well, 13B is a supernatural thriller after a long time in Indian cinema. Its an original script. Not inspired or a remake. I challenge the audiences that after the interval you will not be able to guess any scene. In addition, after watching it I am sure you that you’ll be very hesitant to turn your TV at 1300 hrs. So yes, I am sure audiences are dying to see a great film and 13B is exactly that. I promise you for great entertainer.

Well what more could you want? Get ready for an edge of the seat supernatural thriller this Friday at a cinema near you!

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