My Name is Kajol

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It took Karan Johar lots of convincing before best bud and pal Kajol finally gave him the thumbs up for My Name is Khan. The cast and crew including Tanuja, Tanisha and young Nysa have all temporary shifted base to Los Angeles where the film is currently being shot. The long outdoor shoot and time away from her family made Kajol decide to take them along with her. You know the drill – kaam ka kaam aur holiday ka holiday!

However, not all is as rosy as it seems. After a month of shooting, it finally came to Kajol’s attention that her role in the movie was short and insignificant. Additionally, she felt sidelined as the movie relatively revolved around Shah Rukh’s character. She bought her insecurity to senior actress and mommy Tanuja’s attention who insisted that she talk to K-Jo about increasing her role in the movie as well as adding more “punchy dialogues” which the audiences would remember.

Kajol dragged herself to see the director who was a bit dumbfounded at his close friend’s request but eventually gave in. According to sources, the pressure mounted on Karan was immense and he had no choice but to agree to Kajol and Tanuja’s request for a meatier role in his upcoming venture.

Looking at the way the ball is rolling, we won’t be surprised if the movie’s title changes to “My Name is Mrs. Khan!” After all, we all know Karan Johar would never want to hurt the feelings of his close friends! All in the name of Dostana!

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